I know this will sound like a strange recipe, but it is one I make a couple of times a year. I guess I am one of the strange few that loves cabbage. I happened to find this recipe on the web and gave it a try. NO BULL it is pretty tasty. You can use wide noodles, or any type that you have on hand. It is a simple dish, that cooks up quickly. My husband really likes this as well. Let me know if you try it!


1 med head cabbage shredded
2 red onions cut into strips
1 16 oz pkg. wide egg noodles
4 slices bacon
2 tbs sugar
1 pkg smoked sausage sliced
1/2 butter

Cook bacon, set aside add butter to pan saute cabbage and onions add sausage.
Cook pasta drain, add to cabbage mixture with remaining ingredients season with salt and pepper.

It calls for red onion…I have always used white and it is fine.
I love cabbage and am always looking for ways to cook it.

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  • rhonda

    Ok…. I want to make the last 5 recipes you've posted. YUM-0!!!

  • rhonda

    i bet my little ones would like this!

  • Anonymous

    I have been making Cabbage and Noodles for years. Adding the sausage makes since. My family always put a dollop of sour cream on theres. YUM!

  • jodi

    I really enjoyed this recipe. My English Bullie did too!!

  • VGtar Carlberg

    I love cabbage too. And dishes that calls for sliced smoked sausage are always good in the winter. I will definitely try this dish. It sound lovely… and very very easy. Perhaps it might even be a good recipe, for those that have kids, that are learning to cook!

  • Alice White

    I love cabbage and Polish recipes.
    One question: how much butter?