Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas with family. This year we celebrated Christmas Eve due to our flight leaving at 6:30 Christmas day.
The funny thing is Tom and I decided we needed to acquire a tan in a day. WE HAD THE GRAND IDEA OF GOING TO TWO TANNING BEDS IN A DAY! Did I mention we were white as ghost? Not only did we tan twice in a day but we also decided we should try the spray on tan! Too funny…as you will see our family Christmas photo will reflect the stupidity of this decision! I highly recommend not doing this!
We ordered Chinese food, drank wine and had a wonderful time with the kids. Eliot is in California trying to be an actor, so he wasn’t with us this year. Rayn got a computer, I made a scrapbook of wedding photos for Josh and Tiffany. Josh got tickets to the Colts game. Sammy is really in to making videos, he got a camcorder this year.
I loved spending time with the kids.

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