This is one of my most simple yet delicious recipes! Shrimp with a slice of fresh jalapeno wrapped in bacon. I have made this as an appetizer for parties, or served it as a meal like I did tonight. These would be great for a football party! It is wonderful served with rice and a vegetable. Just pop it under the broiler for a few minutes, then move it to the lower rack and set your oven on 400 to cook the bottom..I don’t like to mess with flipping them. The main thing is to watch them in the broiler so the bacon doesn’t over cook. NO BULL your family will love this recipe. If you have little ones that don’t like heat simply omit the jalapeno. I never removed the seeds or membranes in the peppers, I like the heat. Just be sure if you have hot peppers to slice them a little thinner. I usually find it is hit or miss with the heat in these peppers, so I usually taste them before using.

Shrimp Wrapped In Bacon With Jalapeno

1 lb of bacon ( I prefer the thin sliced bacon thick takes to long to cook and over powers the shrimp)
1 lb. shrimp
fresh jalapeno sliced

Clean and devein all the shrimp. Cut the bacon in half. Lay one slice of jalapeno in the center of the bacon top with a shrimp, fold bacon over shrimp and put on foil wrapped cookie sheet seam side down.
Turn broiler on and set pan on second level from the top. Broil until just starting to brown, check often. Turn oven to 400 and move pan to bottom and cook for about 5 minutes more to help brown the bottom.

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