Beef Manhattan

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An old time favorite recipe

Well I have been trying a few to many NEW recipes for Sam lately. Last night it was a spicy pineapple burrito. I wish I could post a recipe of this, but my son had my camera. It was very good, but a little to spicy for Sam. So I told him this morning I would make something good for him. I proceeded to tell him I would make a meatloaf. He just looked at me and said …REALLY? I was shocked I thought he loved my meatloaf! He always clears his plate when I make it. So then I began to think about what I make that I know he loves Beef Manhattan! That has to be his favorite thing! This is one of those dishes that when I make it I prepare every one’s plate…Sam’s is by far the largest! This really isn’t a recipe, I wasn’t even going to post it on my blog. Then I began to think my simple recipes are the ones my kids really enjoy. I want to have them posted for my kids. This is a simple recipe that is great for a weeknight. Let the crockpot do all the work for you. To my friend Tonya…I have made this for Connor and he went bonkers!

1 Chuck Roast
2 Tbsp steak seasoning
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt

Make Gravy separately to pour over bread, meat and potatoes.

2 pkg of brown gravy mix
Mash potatoes
White bread

Combine all of the above in a crock pot and cook all day. Take meat out of pan and skim off all the fat. Shred the meat and put back in pan with the juices that are left. Prepare the gravy and potatoes.

To Assemble:
Layer 2 pieces of white bread on top of each other, cut on a diagonal. Spread a heaping spoon full of potatoes across the bread. Top with a ladle of the meat and drizzle plenty of gravy on top.

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  • Christina Landis

    on average what size chuck roast do you use for this recipe